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Interested in teaching a course? We invite you to join the instructor team at New Knowledge -- we're friendly folks who want to share our enthusiasm, expertise and experience with other members of our community.

Connecting with new instructors is VERY high on our priority list. If you want to reach us, the best way is to email, or call us during the day at 878-5656.

If you want to know more about who we are and why we're doing this, read on! If you're ready to propose a course, we've got an online Workhop Proposal form for you. And soon we'll have a wish list of courses for which we need instructors!

About New Knowledge

New Knowledge provides meeting space, course listings, marketing, and registration services for personal and professional development workshops. We connect people with an appetite for learning to instructors who are willing and able to share their knowledge and skills.

Our instructors, working as independent contractors, start off being paid 30% of the member price for each person signed up.

Example: For a workshop with a $20 member price where 10 people signed up, the instructor would be paid $20 x 10 students x 30% = $60.

We generally try to price our courses around $10 per hour; computer and advanced courses are usually about $20 per hour. We try to price courses to fill all the seats; there are 8-12 seats for most classes, while the computer lab can set up to 8.

In addition to a little extra income, there are a number of other great reasons to be an instructor at New Knowledge!

Workshops are held days, evenings, and weekends in our suite of classrooms on Route 2A in Williston.

Course Proposals

Instructors at New Knowledge design their own courses and workshops. Course proposals are submitted via an online form. After we've accepted the course proposal and selected an instructor, the course is listed in the New Knowledge online catalog.

Our courses are brief, focused, informal, non-credit sessions that fit busy lives. We typically look for topics that are very specific to ensure efficient use of class time. For example, instead of a two-full-day course in Microsoft Word, why not teach the specific "MSWord Mail Merge" feature during a lunch hour workshop?

If exchanging ideas and information with your neighbors appeals to you, we hope you'll explore the endless possibilities afforded to the instructor team at New Knowledge.

Come join the fun!

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