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11 Great Reasons To Take A Class

  1. Expand your work skills. Be a more valuable employee (or a more successful business owner) by learning about computers, software, or business.

  2. Feel good about yourself for adding to you life skills and discovering hidden talents and new interests.

  3. Eliminate boredom. Wish there was something interesting on TV? Take a class instead!

  4. Make new friends who have the same interests you do!

  5. Discover the thrill of setting new goals and having experienced instructors guide you to success.

  6. Enhance your life by taking courses that enrich personal growth.

  7. Stimulate your brain in a community of lifelong learners.

  8. Reduce stress by learning new techniques for relaxation, such as yoga, meditation, or self-hypnosis.

  9. Develop a new hobby, such as digital photography or knitting.

  10. Improve your environment at home or at work by learning about organization or space arrangement.

  11. Have fun exploring new information!

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